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Style me Pretty – Inspiration Board
November 28, 2007, 2:14 am
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It’s an absolute must that I check out the Style Me Pretty blog every morning, but this morning I was so busy I just didn’t get a chance to. However, I made some time for it tonight and what did it do, none other than inspire me 🙂 There was a “Dear Abby” post about the need for color inspiration for a fall wedding.

Inspiration Board

I saw what looked to be like the wedding ceremony facility and was all gung ho about trying to create a board myself. The copper was just glowing at me from the picture. So I tried a board that was developed with coppers, eggplant purple, emerald green, and cobalt blue! Thanks for the inspiration! It’s fun to tinker around 🙂


Totally Cute Wedding Favors
November 28, 2007, 12:01 am
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A lot of you know that we have been spending the past few months getting ready to launch our new business “The Event Essentials.” Yes, it seems like it’s taking forever (to us it seems even longer), but we have been doing tons of research to find the perfect items for the perfect brides! We couldn’t be more excited about the cutest wedding favors to add to our list of products. Check them out! They are totally trendy, totally unique, and totally fun! 🙂


Bitch Barossa Grenache 2004
November 21, 2007, 4:29 pm
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Wouldn’t this be a real treat for a bachlorette party or girls night out? The back label says “bitch” 77 times, followed by “some more”. It is left up to you to decide what that means, because the sentiment would be appropriate for many contemporary situations. Whatever inspired it, thank goodness it arrived, because it is better than a box of chocolates.


Note added Jan. 2, 2007: The Bitch 2005 has been released and reviewed by Winewaves.
Dan Philips is working with grower David Hickinbotham and winemaker Chris Ringland to bring this 100% Grenache from Barossa to the market.

Tasting Notes: Color: Ruby, translucent. Aromas: Raspberry, cherry and chocolate and a hint of spice. On the tongue, the wine feels warm without being heavy, despite the hefty 14.7% alcohol, and is dry without being drying. The lush fruit and chocolate flavors finish very smoothly. This one is easy without being uninteresting.

Closure: Screw cap. Outstanding value ($9)

Build Your Own Candleholder
November 16, 2007, 5:47 pm
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I was out surfing around today for some fun ideas to add to my Thanksgiving buffet table decor. Of course, being a planner and designer, everyone expects the tip top in my creativity, so every year I’m searching for bigger and bettter or something that will completely catch my family off guard. This year, I came across these neat little “Build your own candleholders” on that I thought could be really fun. I love the artichoke and some gords, but I thought this could be a great idea to build with pomander balls in the middle.

Build your own candleholder

Modern Glass Flowers
November 8, 2007, 12:47 am
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As you can probably tell, I’m always looking for creative decor or craft ideas for events. Well, this week I was out surfing the net for unique centerpiece concepts to show some of my brides that you don’t always have to use real flowers as centerpieces. I love to think outside of the box, but I always recommend real flowers for the bride to carry unless she’s completly eclectic! So I ran across this beautiful modern glass art called “Jade Glass”. Wouldn’t this make such a modern centerpiece? You can even purchase the flowers alone, which would be absolutely adorable on a napkin on a charger with a little paper petal used as a seating assignment. The really tall ones would be absolutely stunning for a ceremony site. I can just see the sun or candles reflecting off the glass. Simply gorgeous! And the best part is your guests could take them home!

Picture 6

One of the most exciting features of these glass flowers is the ability to customize each piece to your liking. Each stem is threaded and the glass flower screws onto each stem via a short screw which is attached to the back of the glass flower. This enables you to build your own designs from our selection of over 30 different glass colors as well as very safe and trouble free shipping.

Illuminations *SALE*
November 5, 2007, 5:07 pm
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Some how October just blew right past me like a dandelion in the wind. There were so many beautiful weddings (which I will post as soon as I get photos from the photographers) and the weather in Arizona couldn’t have been nicer! This is the one time of the year that I absolutely adore. Not only because the holidays are glowing around the corners and the weather outside is amazing, but because there are so many wonderful sale items as the holidays pass. I absolutely adore collecting wedding items for 50 – 75% off for brides to use next fall, or even to take the fall / winter look away from them and use any time of the year. Like a nice candleabra! All you have to do is remove the fall berries that surround it and you create a nice universal piece that can be used at any time. Speaking of awesome sale items — I found on some pretty cool suff to check out. The lanterns could line the aisle ways for the ceremony, universal candleabras that can be adorned with any seasonal decor, and hanging chandaliers that are just amazing looking.


Oh so Fab Idea – Wine Glass Candle Lamp
October 23, 2007, 3:13 pm
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I found this oh so fabulous idea on Charles and Marie on how to take a wine glass and make it into a mini lamp candle holder. It’s absolutely adorable and can be used for many different events.

Wine Glass Candle Lamp

Made out of fragile parchment, each set contains 3 different shades with cute and whimsical designs that are printed in a faint white. All you need to do is take them out of the package roll them up, drop a candle into a wine glass and add the lampshade. That’s it. Instantly the white pattern is transformed to a darker shade (as if it were a shadow) and a wine glass is turned into a sweet miniature lamp.

Save-on-Crafts has a great instructions on how to make your very own Wine Glass Candle Lamp

8-1/2″ x 11″ (21.8cm x 28cm) sheets of vellum (one per lamp)
Scissors with decorative blades
Decorative paper punch in desired shape
Glue pen
Votive candle or a LED Battery Operated Tea Light
Candle putty (floral clay)

1.Lampshade Pattern (PDF file click here)
To view this file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader

2. Trace the lampshade pattern onto the sheet of vellum. Cut the straight ends and the inner curve using plain scissors with decorative blades.

2. Punch designs about 1″ (2.5 cm) from the lower edge, spacing the designs evenly.

3. Apply a thin line of glue (a glue pen works well for this) to one straight end. Lap the other end over the glued end, forming the shade.

4. Secure the votive candle and set the lampshade atop a wine glass