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New Blog for a New Year
January 3, 2008, 5:30 am
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Yes, we haven’t been around for a while, but that’s because we have been working hard on changing our image because of the crash in early December. Yes, dear friends, we have officially changed our blog. CHECK IT out and PLEASE REMEMBER to change the address if you have us linked up on your site to:

new blog


Interview with Mrs. Designher
October 17, 2007, 3:13 pm
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Just me

Everyone is always asking me – “How did you get into event planning and what makes you so different then the rest?” So I thought I would tell everyone a little bit more about myself with a Q and A session.

Ever since I can remember, I have loved being creative and sharing it with others. I can definitely say my desires began when I picked up that first crayon and coloring book. My grandma always told me to make sure to stay in the lines and to this day, my attention to detail has only expanded greater.

My love for helping others, combined with my creativity, has passionately driven me into graphic design and event planning. I can’t help but get excited to see all of the elements from custom designed menus tucked into a matching lamour napkin to the ambiance of twinkling candles dancing around vibrant flowers and how they can truly bring a space to life. Details, Colors, Embellishments — it’s what I love!!”

I was born in Tucson, Arizona on March 27th. I guess my creativity comes from being an Aries.

I’m inspired every day by my wonderful husband, amazing mother, sweet grandmother, fantastic friends, and even a smiling stranger. However, thinking back to my childhood, it was my grandfather who always told me “The key to opening the door of success is your education.” He always pushed me to do better and expected nothing less.

Most of what I have learned about creativity has come from physical hands on experience, incredible mentors, and all of the picture books that I can get ahold of; however, I do have a business degree in Marketing with a minor degree in Graphic Arts. I began my career working for a chain of local resorts as a Concierge, which has greatly developed my knowledge of the valley and interacting with vendors. Later, I changed my path into the sign industry where I was a sales manager and creative designer, allowing me to further my training in design elements. In 2003 I took a huge leap of faith and started my own successful advertising design business creating and branding businesses identities. Designing everything from full page newspaper ads, business cards and letterhead, to assembling large tent sale events for local automotive dealerships.

Knowing I am a graphic designer, a friend came to me one day and told me her troubles about finding the perfect invitation for her wedding. Excited, I took on the challenge of creating something for her that would invoke her personality and flair. Ever since then, I can’t get enough of creating those visual pieces that are the first impression of what is best yet to come.

It’s kind of funny actually. I have always loved creating surprises for people. When I was 12, my mother had a 40th birthday. So I decided to throw her a surprise birthday party with friends and family. Over the front door I hung an old sheet like a tarp with string that I could pull to shower her with a balloon drop as she walked in (yes, quite a hokie balloon drop). Our whole place was decorated, I had snacks for the guests, and fun games to play. Ever since then, I have just loved all of the fun elements that goes into planning and I completely understand the hard work that is involved.

Being a designer it feels like I fall in love with new color schemes every day. I love the elegance of monochromatic hues (different shade of one color) and chocolate is definitely the new black in the industry. It’s so rich, warm, and elegant!

I can’t elaborate enough how passionate I am about taking someone’s personality and articulating it throughout their design or entire event. From designing a beautiful invitation set to choosing the right color of matching linens and floral centerpieces. My passion is to conceptualize a vision, elicit a centralized theme throughout, and leave the guests with a long-lasting impression from the unique and up-lifting ambiance.

It’s simple … I have a flair for design and a passion to assist those in need. I understand that when you are designing an event and all of the elements associated with it, you are surrounding your guests with an essence of who you are. By creating The Event Essentials, I am hoping to help others effectively communicate their unique personalities for an experience they and their guests will remember for a life time.

Myspace – The Event Essentials
September 13, 2007, 2:48 am
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Yes, we are officially on myspace!! Check us out (don’t be scared to add us to your friends list and leave a nice little comment.) 🙂 We love and appreciate all the support we are getting to make our business as successful as possible.

Just click on the picture below and it will take you to our page!

Picture 6

Invitation Design: Sneak Peek
September 11, 2007, 7:42 pm
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The Social Stationary Essentials by the Event Essentials

Custom and Pre-designed Social Stationary Pieces

At the Event Essentials we are proud to offer our custom, designed from scratch creations that are as individually unique as you are. From artistic monograms and flamboyant shower announcements, to elegantly dramatic wedding invitations, each or our unique pieces will embrace the personality of your event.

Our diverse range of styles offers you a lot to choose from. We can design traditional styles for those who admire natural and classic beauty. Or we can go more modern and exotic for those who prefer something a little more contemporary.

Here is a sneak peek at a few of the designs we are going to offer:

Invitation Designs

o Invitations and Reply Cards
o Monograms
o Save the Dates
o Programs and Place Cards
o Menus and Buffet Cards
o Table Numbers and Seating Charts
o Wine/Water Bottle Labels
o Gift Tags
o Welcome and Bridal Baskets
o Powder Room Supply Baskets
o Information Packets for Out of Town Guests
o and more .. You dream it! We design it!

We love being creative! We have a passion for being creative! So if you are inspired by a piece that isn’t one of our own, we would love to be inspired too. Of course, we value the work of other artists, so we prefer to add an exclusive twist to make something we can call our own. will launch this fall. Check it out!

Website Sneak Preview

Everyone has been asking us when the launch of our website will be and just like them, we can’t WAIT until it does. The past few months have been spent designing the site, preparing vendors, and getting all the important stuff ready. Our launch and grand opening is anticipated for the end of summer 2007. We should have a big party — YEAH — cuz we are party planners, and ANY reason for a celebration, is a GREAT reason!!

Here is a quick preview of our home page — and logo 🙂


… and here is a quick preview of one of our gallery pages. Isn’t our bride Mary just STUNNING!! YEAH, congrats Pete and Mary — April 7, 2007.