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~*Invitation Design Contest*~
October 9, 2007, 3:02 pm
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The Event Essentials is hosting a contest for a FREE invitation design for that special bride or event host and the sky is the limit.

Design it in a pocketfolder, apply metalic papers, wrap it with a custom washi band, dress it with Swarovski rhinestones … we are up for a creative challenge!


If you are or know someone who is interested, please fill out the information below and email it to us at

Your Company Name:
Event Date:
Event Colors:
Event Theme:

100 words or less explaining why you are nominating and please attach any inspiration photos.

Send this to your friends, coworkers, or other friendly bloggers!! Contest begins TODAY at noon (MST), the winner will be drawn on Sunday evening and an announcement will be posted on our blog on Monday October 22nd.

** This does not include product or assembly services. We will provide you with a fully prepared PDF file with printing/assembly instructions. Inquire with us about goods and assembly services.


Invitation Design: Sneak Peek
September 11, 2007, 7:42 pm
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The Social Stationary Essentials by the Event Essentials

Custom and Pre-designed Social Stationary Pieces

At the Event Essentials we are proud to offer our custom, designed from scratch creations that are as individually unique as you are. From artistic monograms and flamboyant shower announcements, to elegantly dramatic wedding invitations, each or our unique pieces will embrace the personality of your event.

Our diverse range of styles offers you a lot to choose from. We can design traditional styles for those who admire natural and classic beauty. Or we can go more modern and exotic for those who prefer something a little more contemporary.

Here is a sneak peek at a few of the designs we are going to offer:

Invitation Designs

o Invitations and Reply Cards
o Monograms
o Save the Dates
o Programs and Place Cards
o Menus and Buffet Cards
o Table Numbers and Seating Charts
o Wine/Water Bottle Labels
o Gift Tags
o Welcome and Bridal Baskets
o Powder Room Supply Baskets
o Information Packets for Out of Town Guests
o and more .. You dream it! We design it!

We love being creative! We have a passion for being creative! So if you are inspired by a piece that isn’t one of our own, we would love to be inspired too. Of course, we value the work of other artists, so we prefer to add an exclusive twist to make something we can call our own. will launch this fall. Check it out!

Digital Invitation
August 10, 2007, 1:15 am
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A friend of mine just came across this on YouTube and thought of me 🙂 That was so nice of her!! What a cute, clever, and creative way to send an invitation!! We are ALL about the creativity here!

Invitation Etiquette
August 9, 2007, 10:01 pm
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Another great article from on Invitation Etiquette

Invitation Etiquette

Inviting partners and guests
If an invited guest is married, engaged or living with a significant other, that partner must be included in the invitation. A single invitation addressed to both individuals should be sent to spouses or couples who live together, while separate invitations should be sent to each member of an engaged or long term couple who don’t live together. Inviting single guests with a date is a thoughtful gesture, but one that is not required. If you are inviting a single guest with a date, try to find out the name of your friend’s intended date and include that person’s name on the invitation. Otherwise, inner envelopes may include “And Guest,” indicating that he or she may bring any chosen escort or friend.

Inviting Children
To invite or not invite the little ones – this is a situation that can quickly get ugly. Make your decision and stick with it – then inform your guests through carefully addressed invitations:

Children over 18 who are invited to the wedding should receive their own invitations – regardless of whether or not they live with their parents. If you don’t send them an invitation – it’s clear that they’re not invited.

Children under 18 who are invited to the wedding should have their name included on the invitation. If you’re inviting Joe and Mary Smith without their two little ones, their invitation should read “Joe and Mary Smith.”

If you’re still worried that some guests may add write-ins on their reply card – print the names of those invited on the reply card as well.

Guests Who Ask to Bring a Guest
Your guests should know better! It is never appropriate for a guest to ask to bring a date, and you have every right to politely say no. However, if you discover that a guest is engaged or living with a significant other, you should extend a written or verbal invitation.

Invitations to out-of-town guests
Many brides ponder whether or not it’s appropriate to invite long distance guests for whom it may be impossible to attend. Use your best judgment. Is this person truly a close friend who would want to attend your celebration? If so, failing to extend an invitation may be insulting. Remember, these days friends and family are often spread all over the country, and people are accustomed to traveling. On the other hand, if you haven’t spoken in years, an invitation may look like no more than a request for a gift. In those cases, send a wedding announcement instead, which carries no gift-giving obligation.

Paper Mojo
July 17, 2007, 3:54 pm
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Ok, so we could be considered paper freaks around here!! One of our absolutely favorite paper sites is Paper Mojo!! When we are designing invitations we LOVE LOVE LOVE looking for paper here to spark some creativity and give our clients a unique twist to showcase their personalities….and this site has it. They also have some great color combinations in their inspiration gallery that I thought I would share.

Metallics are coming back for twist on the trend this season. You will start seeing more golds, coppers (really popular), and silvers streamed throughout. One theme that is ranking in popularity is mixing all metallics. Platinum with champagne gold reflect a very subdue, yet very elegant image and makes an amazing color combination.

Color Combinations

Website Sneak Preview

Everyone has been asking us when the launch of our website will be and just like them, we can’t WAIT until it does. The past few months have been spent designing the site, preparing vendors, and getting all the important stuff ready. Our launch and grand opening is anticipated for the end of summer 2007. We should have a big party — YEAH — cuz we are party planners, and ANY reason for a celebration, is a GREAT reason!!

Here is a quick preview of our home page — and logo 🙂


… and here is a quick preview of one of our gallery pages. Isn’t our bride Mary just STUNNING!! YEAH, congrats Pete and Mary — April 7, 2007.


Latest Wedding Invite Trends
July 6, 2007, 3:09 pm
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I have a bookshelf full of current and old wedding magazines that I was collecting because of great articles, cool pictures, and fun ideas. Then I realized, I have sooo many magazines that I don’t even know what’s in them anymore. So I decided to open them up, start cutting these neat things out of them, blog the articles, and create a scrapbook for the pictures. While doing so, I came across this great little article about invitation ideas in the magazine “The Knot” Spring/Summer 2006 that inspired me for a new invitation design for my wedding business — The Event Essentials.

Pinstripes are a hot look now, whether they’re verticle, horizontal, multicolored, or in shades of your signature hue. Our pick? An elegant script style juxtaposed with a playful pinstrip border — the perfect blend of classic and contemporary.

So I created something with a “classic font” and a “contemporary design” — I call it my “Circle Strip Collection”



Here are some other ideas that came from the same article:

Bejeweled — Embellish your invitations with small rhinestones, tiny pearl-toned beads, or miniture Swarovski crystlas makes a low-key invitation style fashionable. (ok, been there, done that — we LOVE Swarovski rhinestones at The Event Essentials)

Going Bold — Through the use of color has been a wedding trend for years, white making a comeback in unexpected ways. What we found? Papers in fabulous rich purple hues wiht white lettering. (great twist)

Wrapped Up — Stressing over whether the response card goes inside its envelope and over the direction card? You’ll be glad today’s invitation designers are making pouches and pockets to keep your papers in order. (we LOVE pocketfolds)

Fabric Flowers — Nothing says “wedding” like flowers, especially close-to-the-real-think ones. Check out the three-dimensional orchid that substitutes for a traditional engraved floral print on white stock. (we add rhinestones to this too)

Couture Texture — Using unique materials for your invitation is the newest idea on the market. We’ve seen invites stitched into fabric or burned into wood. (Let your creativity shine!!)

Vintage Patterns — Move over motifs … allover patterns are gaining popularity. (we love vintage inspired patterns)

Modern Monograms — What’s the new take on the monogram? Simplify it. (we say amplify it!!!!)

Designer Envelopes — Saving the suspense is all over with. Why not introduce your wedding motif on your invitation envelopes. (GREAT!! Bring it on)